• How to design the water flow indicator, alarm valve group, fire sprinkler, pressure switch and end water test device

    How to design the water flow indicator, alarm valve group, fire sprinkler, pressure switch and end water test device

    Design requirements for water flow indicator, alarm valve group, nozzle, pressure switch and end water test device: 1、 Sprinkler head 1. For places with closed system, the sprinkler head type and the minimum and maximum headroom of the place shall comply with the specifications; Sprinklers only...
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  • Installation requirements for ESFR sprinkler

    Installation requirements for ESFR sprinkler

    1. The fire sprinkler must be installed after the system pressure test and flushing are qualified. 2. During the installation of the sprinkler, the sprinkler shall not be disassembled or changed, and it is strictly prohibited to attach any decorative coating to the decorative cover plate of the s...
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  • Introduction of fire butterfly valve

    Introduction of fire butterfly valve

    At present, fire butterfly valves are widely used, such as general drainage and fire system pipes. In general, such a fire butterfly valve needs to have the advantages of simple structure, reliable sealing, light opening and convenient maintenance. The following is a brief introduction to the fir...
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  • Difference between protective separation water curtain and cooling water curtain and cooling system

    1、 Terminology 1-1 fire separation water curtain Instead, it is composed of open sprinkler or water curtain sprinkler, deluge alarm valve group or temperature sensitive deluge alarm valve, etc. in case of fire, it is a water curtain system that forms a water wall or water curtain by dense sprayi...
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  • Working principle of fire signal butterfly valve

    The fire signal butterfly valve is applicable to the pipelines of petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, papermaking, hydropower, shipping, water supply and drainage, smelting, energy and other systems. It can be used as regulating and throttling equipment on various corrosive and non corrosive gas...
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  • Some knowledge about wet alarm valve

    The core of the fire extinguishing system is all kinds of alarm valves. The following is the related content of wet alarm valve. 1、 Working principle 1) When the wet alarm valve is in the quasi working state, the upper chamber and the lower chamber of the valve body are filled with water. Under ...
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  • Function and installation position of water flow indicator

    The water flow indicator is used for manual sprinkler system. It can be installed on the main water supply pipe or the cross bar water pipe to give the electric signal of water flow in a certain sub area and small area. The electric signal can be sent to the electric control box and can also be u...
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  • Classification and application of fire hydrant system

    1. Fire hydrant box In case of fire, press the spring lock on the door according to the opening mode of the box door, and the pin will automatically exit. After opening the box door, take out the water gun to pull the water hose reel and pull out the water hose. At the same time, connect the wate...
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  • Working principle of deluge alarm valve system

    The deluge manual sprinkler system is suitable for places with slow fire spreading speed and rapid fire development, such as the storage and processing of various inflammable and explosive materials. It is often used in inflammable and explosive factories, warehouses, oil and gas storage stations...
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  • Characteristics and use place of fire sprinkler

    Our common sprinklers are divided into closed type and open type. The closed type glass ball sprinkler uses a wet automatic sprinkler system. The advantages of this system are that on the one hand, it can detect the fire source, and on the other hand, it can extinguish the fire after detecting th...
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  • Introduction and characteristics of fire gate valve

    The opening and closing part of the fire gate valve is the ram, and the movement direction of the ram is perpendicular to the fluid direction. The gate valve can only be fully opened and fully closed, and cannot be adjusted and throttled. The ram has two sealing surfaces. The most commonly used m...
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  • Basic knowledge of fire sprinkler

    1. Fire Sprinkler Under the action of cold, it is a kind of sprinkler that is started separately according to the predetermined temperature range, or started by the control equipment according to the fire signal, and sprinkles water according to the designed sprinkler shape and flow. 2. Splash pa...
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